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People Serve is a cooperative that was established in 2005. Its distinct business structure presents companies with an alternative when it comes to managing their human resource.With numerous members nationwide, People Serve covers a range of technical and non- technical positions for reputable companies in five major industries.Retail and Supermarket Operations – Cashiers, Sales Associates, Fashion Consultants, Warehouse Staff, Encoders, Clerks, Drivers

Food Service – Cooks, Baristas, Waiters, Servers, Hosts, Cashiers, Kitchen Crew, Commissary Crew

BPO and Telecommunications – Technical Support Representatives, Customer Support Representatives, Schedulers, Technicians (electrical, mechanical and multi -skilled), Architects, Engineers, Analyst

Banking and Backroom Services – Receptionists, Messengers, Accounting Staff, Project Staff, Encoders and Sales Coordinators among others.

Steel Pipe Manufacturing – Welders, Machine Operators, Helpers and Drivers.